Getting Lounge Access via Priority Pass for free for full family


How to get lounge access via priority pass for free for full family - A big worry for many of the credit card users across the world is that the cards they hold can help them get a free lounge access but what about their family when they go on leisure travel. I faced a similar problem when we were travelling with my larger family. 

Free airport lounge access by credit card in India

Lounges are an oasis in heavily crowded places like airports and priority pass being the largest of the lounge programs globally, it is definitely worth having a priority pass in your pocket.Priority Pass runs over 1000 lounges across 400 cities in the world ( extensive network in Asia, Europe & North America)  and your access will be there regardless you fly in economy or business or first class. Lounges often have food and beverages which are complementary in a much relaxed setup along with additional amenities like Wi-Fi, spa, rest rooms, dormitories and showers. It is a great place to recharge and save some money as well. I have never spent even a single penny on food ever since I got hold of credit cards which provide me lounge access. I often have my meals before the flight at the lounges saving on meals outside or at airport restaurants. This amenity can easily save you few thousands on a round trip international visit with family.

So I decided that I will finally do what is needed & get a card which will get my larger family an access too and without any limits. I now hold a YES Bank exclusive card ( read product review here) which gives an option to use a priority pass with unlimited access. While I got this card as lifetime free given my relationship with the bank, I know plenty of friends who were able to get hold of this fabulous card for lifetime free offer. 

yes bank exclusive card free lounge access

Even if you are not so lucky, you can pay 10 thousand annual fee and get rewards points which are equivalent value. Plus you get the Taj Epicure membership. for free for first year. While I dont hold it as part of my YES Bank card, I have it due to another card - the American Express Platinum Reserve card and will write a review about it soon. 

So coming back to the priority pass hack, since the YES Bank Exclusive card gives you unlimited Priority Pass for the primary as well as all add-on cards, all you have to simply do is apply for add-on cards for your all adult family members. This is an amazing perk given that no other card but Citibank Prestige & American Express Platinum charge give such privileges. Earlier in the haydays HDFC Diners Club Black did offer this facility but later last year they did withdraw this, leaving it only for primary card members. While the Citibank Prestige card is 20 thousand per year plus GST and the American Express Platinum Charge is 60 thousand plus taxes. So this is definitely a much more valuable card specially if you dont want to splurge so much for lounge access that you do maybe once or twice a year. 

Oh and I forgot to tell you, the lounge access is not only valid in India but also internationally. Domestically it is supported by the Master Card lounge access program by YES Bank ( right again - no visit limits unlike many other cards). So what are you waiting for, go ahead and apply for the YES Bank Exclusive Credit card, the cherry on the top is that this card gives you a 2.5% reward rate as well and has an aggressive marketing promotion specially during the festive season.

Till next time enjoy your priority pass airport visits with family (free of cost offcourse) - find your lounge list here or download the PDF.

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