Earn 500 Marriott Reward Points in 5 Minutes


Well to start with, even before I came into the fold of any frequent flyer program, I was a fan of Marriott group of hotels. They always upgraded my rooms, gave very good service during stays and so have been my first preference among all hotel chains. 

Very recently they have started a quick 500 reward points earning offer for anyone who uses instagram, even if you dont, doesnt harm to make one today and follow Marriott Rewards

In case you dont have a Marriott rewards account, make one today and get your 500 reward points. 
Once you follow them , go to their bio. Submit your email address - one linked to your Marriott Rewards account and its done. You will get 500 MR points in your account.
So act fast, the offer is valid till 21st June 2016.

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